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Hi John,

glad that everything worked better the next day.

Thinking of you and wishing the absolute best.


Jon Thomas

Prime rib and trips to the bathroom...sounds like you're back to normal!!


How long do you have to be in the hospital for treatments each time you go in?

Dr. Carole Ann Maxwell and Richard Nuzzo

Dated: April 26, 2009
Carole Ann Maxwell & Richard Nuzzo

Sorry you experienced an anaphylactic reaction to the 1 hour push of plitidepsin... too bad they were not more conservative on Day 1, then you would not have gone through the awful side effect of having your throat constrict. There does seem to be good news about what the treatment seems to be doing to the tumor... the necrosis and shrinkage are a good sign.

Carole Ann and I continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. And yes John, the diarrhea was caused by the Prime Rib which your body probably is not used to consuming nowadays!!

Continued good luck with the treatment... keep the positive outlook, and continue fighting the good fight.

Carole Ann & Rit

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