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Aunt Donna

So glad to see you are back on the computer and giving us all updates. You may think no one reads these because they don't make a comment but you are wrong - EVERYONE checks EVERYDAY so PLEASE keep writing. I'm also glad to see you still have your warped sense of humor. We all love you and hope that you can finally relax a little - eat a little - and feel a "little" better - when you are up for company - give a shout out - we'll be there!!!! Love Auntie

Jon Thomas

Agreed...I check for updates every day. Casey and I are trying to find a day (that's best for you) for us to visit. Give him or I a shout whenever. Love ya.


danielle markiewicz

yes it's true...people from your past also read...you give all of us strength through your amazing fight, and also agreed sense of humor...hang in..

peace ~ d

Erma & John Maciolek

We check in on you everyday too since we don't see you at the hospital anymore its finding out how you are doing so I pester your Mom thru email. We miss your (always) smiling face and your strength. Keep fighting we are all fighting with you. Love Yash & Erma

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