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Edith Roman

Hi John,

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Don't give up hope. Try to eat and get your strength back so that you can fight the invader that is in your body.

God Bless You.


Jean Santopatre

Hi John--

I am happy to see that you still have that dazzling smile! Sending you prayers, good energy, and a cyber hug! I heard about your illness from Jim, and want you to know I am thinking of you & sending healing thoughts and blessings your way.

--and thanks for that back crack in the Media Center when i was hurting! i now go to the chiropractor on a regular basis...

Your photos are wonderful..and your writing is awesome...thanks for sharing with all of us out here..

Peace, love, and rock & roll..

Warm regards,

Jean Santopatre

Hi John,

I am happy to see that you still have that dazzling smile! Not happy to hear of your illness--Jim let me know what was happening..

Sending you prayers, good energy and a cyber hug! I still remember the day you cracked my back in the Media Centerwhen i was hurting...and i go to a chiropractor regularly to keep me in alignment!

--your photos are great & your writing is awesome! Keep going...and hope your appetite is coming back--wish i could give you mine!

Peace, Love, Rock & Roll--

Warm Regards,
(the photographer)

Danielle M

as usual your posts are still filled with your humor. thinking of you..keep being strong...


Not to nitpick, but there's no mention of how your arms are, unless you're lumping them in with your torso. In which case, please disregard.

Keep up the good work, Johnny. You're an effin' hero.

John Terhar

I don't know what that "Moorhead" is talking about, if, indeed, that is his real name. What's his deal? Don't let him get you down. He some kind of chuckle-butt.

John Terhar

Oh, I forgot to tell you...About the moustache...If you have a choice, go with the 70's porn-stache. It will be a good look on you.

ismael ramirez


The 70's stache would go well with flared polyester slacks and platform shoes, not to mention the stretch lycra button shirt.

Kate Kidd

Dear John,

I can see the moustache and the eyebrows and it makes me smile. Thanks for continuing to share your ups and downs with us. We are thinking of you and keep you in our prayers.

Kate Kidd

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