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Jon Thomas

Never knew "interneting" was a word!

Dr. Carole Ann Maxwell and Richard Nuzzo

6 September 2009
I feel badly that you are going through so many procedures to insert drains in your liver. Unfortunately, the doctors have to put drains in to ensure there is no back-up; you know, material back-up in your liver will cause infection, hence fever, hence hospitalization. I hope they have your pain under control! Unrelenting pain is horrific. The Fentanyl Patch will help relieve the pain... as will the Dilaudid. I'm sure you have a Pain Management doc on your treatment team; he can adjust the pain meds to ensure you are comfortable. There are also pain meds that are available in a lollipop formulation. You take them in the same manner you would suck on a lollipop. They are pretty effective.

I wish there were something I could say to ease the "crap" you have been going through. Sorry you lost your hair, but cisplatin and carboplatin have that side effect.

Keep fighting the battle John. Carole Ann and I think of you often, and you are always in our prayers.

Talk to you later.

Carole Ann Maxwell & Rit Nuzzo

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